Over the last year and a half, I documented, photographed and taste tested recipes from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  My purpose was to capture my mother-in-law’s recipes for her grandchildren.  My children grew up in the United States.  I worked full-time for over two decades in Information Technology so I didn’t have the opportunity to teach my children to cook dinner much less the food of their father’s family.  I retired early in life and decided that it would be a lot of fun to share these recipes with you as well. 

The book manuscript for Kachi’s Kitchen is 99% complete.  It has been at 99% for two months now because I keep finding more things to add or tweak.  I am giving myself until the end of this month–February 28, 2010–to finish the book, 100%. 

Let me tell you about my mother-in-law.  Kachi Balakrishnan grew up in Kerala, India, where she learned to cook the traditional local Indian recipes from her mother.  Working side by side, she memorized them to create wonderful meals.  She is a wonderful cook and has created many new recipes over the years.  When she married, she moved to Madras (now called Chennai) where she discovered Tamilian food and incorporated these dishes into her own cooking.

Over the coming weeks I will provide updates on the book’s publication and share with you some of my favorite recipes.  I hope you make this blog a frequent stop on your culinary travels.

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