The two Indian recipes I selected for November are two of the most popular sweets in India and are always included in the sweets presented to family and friends at Deepavali. The photo below is a plate full of a wide variety of sweets that are usually distributed during Deepavali.


A plate of assorted Indian sweets.

A plate of assorted Indian sweets.

Even though they take some time, both recipes are very simple to make. I will warn you up front – they will disappear quickly. I know this since my father-in-law considers himself a sweets expert and has ranked these at the top of his list. 

Coconut Burfi Recipe

Coconut Burfi (large pick square at the bottom of the picture) is one of the most popular sweets in India and is eaten all over the country. If you love coconut, you will love this recipe that yields a rich, soft treat.

Mysore Paak Recipe

Mysore Paak (two tan squares on the right hand side) is a traditional recipe from south India with a texture that is similar to a delicate shortbread cookie but with a rich buttery flavor. This became my favorite sweet when I discovered it during my first trip to Chennai on my honeymoon.

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