Since January is the month of the Tamil Nadu harvest festival, Pongal, I selected three vegetarian recipes for rice dishes that are traditionally prepared during the festival: fancy Bahala Bath, simple Milk Pongal and Sweet Milk Pongal recipes.

Bahala bath

Bahala Bath

milk pongal

Mik Pongal

Sweet Milk Pongal-10- ed - sm

Sweet Milk Pongal


All of these Indian recipes are prepared in a special new pot that is purchased for the festival using newly harvested rice. I will share information on the festival, including the background and how it is celebrated, in an entry that I will publish just before the festival.

These easy and filling recipes are all made by boiling the rice with milk instead of water. Additional varieties such as Ven Pongal (Hot Pongal) and Chakara Pongal (Sweet Pongal) are also popular but the rice is boiled in water instead.  Recipes for these recipes can be found in Kachi’s Kitchen.


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