I thought it would be a good idea for my wardrobe to fit in when I visited India so I went shopping for a traditional north Indian salwar kameeze. I like them because they are so easy to wear – just a dress with pants and a scarf. I can throw one on and be ready to go anywhere – dressy or casual – but most important, they are comfortable. I purchased two cute salwar kameezes at a shop in Richardson, TX. All of the cute ones were made out of polyester. I hoped they would be comfortable.


When an opportunity to wear one arose after we arrived in Chennai, I decided on the dark blue one since it was dressier of the two and we were going to eat dinner out at a nice restaurant. As soon as I put it on, I knew it was going to be a mistake. I couldn’t wear it. The bedroom was air conditioned and had a ceiling fan spinning at max speed. Once I stepped in the living room without any a/c, I started sweating. It was just 95 degrees with high humidity. The dress started sticking to me like an extra layer of skin. I knew I couldn’t survive an evening with polyester melted onto me so I quickly changed clothes.  I ended up wearing a skirt with a knit cotton top. I was able to enjoy dinner and the rest of the evening.


Both outfits remained in my suitcase until I returned home. I am now waiting for a cold winter day for them to make their debut.

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