Now that I have told you about the different fabrics for saris, let me give you more information about the many types of silks that make these exquisite garments.


Kanchipuram saris

Kanchipuram saris (called Conjeevaram saris in Malayalam) are woven on hand looms in the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. These are the most popular and considered to be the ultimate in beauty and elegance with the exquisite gold threads that are woven through the borders. When you feel the fabric, you know it is top of the line material. The body and borders traditionally appear in contrasting colors making them distinctive. Since the fabric is very durable, they can be washed at home as well as dry-cleaned. There are two grades of these saris: the expensive ones are very popular for wedding dresses and special occasions and the other priced for daily wear, typically worn by mature women.


Various Indian saris

Various Indian saris


Banaras saris

Banaras saris are made in the town by the same name. These are also popular because of their exquisite brocade designs with gold threads. These saris cannot be hand washed but must be dry-cleaned. They, along with the Conjeevaram saris, are also considered to be the most expensive.


Poncahmpalli saris

Special silk saris from Andhra Pradesh, called Ponchampalli saris, are made from a special tie-dye process to create the colored designs. Exclusive saris with vertical designs for special occasions are very popular. Ponchampalli saris are very attractive and expensive.

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