Kerala saris are usually made of cotton by hand weavers.  Called Kasavu saris, they are white or ivory fabric with a colorful border. Kasavu is the name of the simple or elaborate gold brocade border which is uniquely identifiable and simply beautiful. 


Kerala ladies in traditional dress.

Kerala ladies in traditional dress.

The national dress of Kerala women is the mundu-veshti. The mundu is wrapped around the waist like a skirt while the veshti is wrapped around the waist and the left shoulder. At a glance, it looks like a sari. The borders of both pieces have the same color(s) and design. A coordinating blouse, as with a sari, is worn underneath and purchased separately. Special mundu-veshti sets are available with wide gold lace borders which are usually worn by a bride for her wedding.


The lovely ladies I met at the Spice Shop in Kochi were wearing the traditional Kerala saris on the day that I met them. In the photo to the right, they are Kiran Devi, Sindhya, Daisy, Sheeba and Naufia.

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