“India was absolutely incredible!! It’s taken me two weeks to reintegrate into US culture. I think I may still be going through South Indian food withdrawal. Where are the dosas and coconut chutney?”


The above quote was posted recently by a friend of mine after her return to Texas after a two month stay in Mysore, India. Since Lisa is such a dear friend I thought I would grant her wish by dedicating the Recipe of the Month to her.



The Dosa recipe is the traditional lentil vegetarian recipe that my mother-in-law makes all the time at home. My family and I eat them every chance we can. Fortunately for us, it takes just a simple mention to her and they appear on the menu at our next family meal. These have a wonderful flavor and are easy to make.


Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney

The Coconut Chutney recipe is Kachi’s version that she learned from her mother. It is very easy to make. Every time we have it, my father-in-law boasts that he made it. At first I was really impressed with his culinary ability. After some time I started to think about his statement since Kachi had told me just after we had met that he could only boil water. (In his defense, he does make an excellent cup of tea.) So, if boiling water is the extent of his cooking, how can he make coconut chutney? Upon further questioning, he confessed. He removes the coconut meat from the shell and grinds it in the blender. All of the seasoning is done by the expert, Kachi!

Lisa, the Dosa and Coconut Chutney recipes are for you. I hope you enjoy them.

Lisa has posted beautifully written descriptions of her trip on her blog
http://lgsinindia.blogspot.com. I believe you will be as enchanted as I was. Enjoy!

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