I have always spelled the word for the hot little green vegetable that I put on nachos and in Indian sauces as “chili”, not “chile.” In researching the heat of some of these little devils, I ran across an article that was posted in the LA Times back in November 2000 that identified and analyzed the debate on the correct spelling of the word.  The author checked a very widely used and respected dictionary. There he found three spellings and all of them have the same definition. That sounds like circular logic to me. The Associated Press and the LA Times had conflicting standards for the correct spelling.


The head of the Chile Pepper Institute at the New Mexico State University, Paul Bosland, has declared that the spelling is “chile.” Previously unaware that an organization existed that was dedicated to “education, research, and archiving information related to Capsicum.” With a source like this, it must be correct. 


Just think! I have been spelling it incorrectly for a very long time! There is speculation that my Yankee upbringing might be the reason for my lapse in education. Living in Texas for half of my life, one would think that I would make the connection. But no, I didn’t. Effective now, I will spell the word with an “e.” 


Can someone tell the technical staff at Microsoft that they don’t need to flag the word “chile” as misspelled? Maybe I was right after all?





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