I eat Indian food several times every week. I cook Indian food every week. With my love of and addiction to Indian food I never thought I would say, “thank goodness for Dominos.” But this summer I came to the conclusion that I love the variety that we eat in the U.S. Let me tell you how I reached this point.


While my family and I traveled extensively around India last summer, we visited many fabulous 5-star restaurants and gorged ourselves with the specialties of the house. Of course, the food was out of this world. We also ate at inexpensive everyday restaurants. There, we ate more than our share as well since we didn’t have to worry about our trip budget. We ordered more than we needed so we could taste the chef’s specialties and get ideas for new recipes. Not to be out done, Kachi had spent weeks planning delicious meals in anticipation of our arrival. Consequently, we ate a lot of Indian food.


At the end of our trip, my son, the beefeater, reached his limit of Eggplant Curry, Fish Molee and Sambar. In all honesty, I was reaching my limit too.


My son was in luck. Just down the street from Kachi’s apartment at the intersection with the main road, a Domino’s Pizza store had been built since my last visit, just a 5-minute walk from home. Adapting to local culture the menu had a large selection of vegetarian pizzas but it had some with chicken – no pepperoni or sausage in sight. After we called in our order, the pizzas were delivered promptly. The pizza came with small packets of crushed red pepper and oregano but no Parmesan. Still, I was impressed with the taste and quality of the pizzas; it was just like we would get at home. Everyone seemed to gorge on the taste of home and the pizzas disappeared within minutes. They tasted like ambrosia.


All I could say that evening was “thank goodness for Dominos.”  

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