Spicy Grilled Swordfish South Indian Recipe

Spicy Grilled Swordfish South Indian Recipe

The second time I visited India, my family and I were invited to one of my husband’s many cousin’s home for dinner. Maya and Bob Reddy were absolutely charming and bonded instantly with my children. Ever since that evening, they have had a special connection with each other. Over the years we visited each other and the friendship strengthened. Unfortunately Maya passed away in 2009.


That evening in 1996, we dined on her patio under traditional Indian lantern light. Maya served us the most delicious feast I have ever tasted. Everyone ate their fill on the exquisitely selected and prepared food. I don’t recall that we ate much the following day. One dish in particular had a huge impact on my impression of Kerala cooking and became my favorite preparation for fish. I call the recipe Maya’s Karimeen Pollichathu. This recipe uses the local freshwater specialty, pearl spot fish, which is found throughout Kerala. The fish was sliced into thin steaks, about a ½-inch thick. They were marinated in a special blend of spices then grilled to perfection.


This month I chose my version of Maya’s recipe as the South Indian recipe of the month. I call it Spicy Grilled Swordfish since I have changed the fish from the local specialty and the method of cooking. I hope this grilled swordfish recipe becomes part of your repertoire!

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