I buy my groceries at different stores depending on what I need to buy. I usually buy fresh produce at Market Street or Central Market while I buy supplies and packaged goods from Wal-Mart or Target.  The last few times I was in my favorite Indian grocery stores to pick up spices, I purchased some of their vegetables so I wouldn’t have to make additional stops. Each time I was stunned when the storeowner rang up the sale and gave me a total that was less than I expected! The prices for common items in Indian food like red onions, eggplant, cauliflower, ginger and garlic were far lower than those in chain stores.


I purchased the items below at the New Diamond Grocers, Wal-Mart and Central Market. I included Wal-Mart because it is reported to be the low price leader and Central Market because it is a high priced foodie haven owned by HEB. (I have to admit that I absolutely love the wide variety of the most beautiful food options they provide and shop here often.) Here is what I found:


Item New Diamond Grocers Wal-Mart Central Market
Cauliflower 1.99 ea 2.78 ea 2.99 ea
Eggplant 1.45/lb 1.78/lb 1.78/lb
Fresh garlic 1.49/lb 2.78/lb



Fresh ginger .99/lb 2.38/lb 1.99/lb
Green onions


(.33/3 oz)


(1.14/5 oz)


(.69 – 5 ea)

Okra 2.49/lb NA 2.99/lb
Red onions .69/lb 1.45/lb 1.79/lb
Roma tomatoes .99/lb 1.14/lb 1.49/lb



On average, the prices at New Diamond Grocers was 39% lower than Wal-Mart 40% lower than Central Market. This difference is amazing. By purchasing basic fresh produce from your local store, you can definitely make a positive impact on your budget!


My next money saving quest will be to see how much I can save on dried spices. That may be a no brainer.


Instead of waiting until Small Business Saturday why not help out the small mom and pop stores all year long!

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