As you may have read in a previous post, I am now in the process of discovering Indian fusion cuisine. I stumbled upon it last year while preparing a dinner party. One of the recipes I had selected was a traditional Italian soup but by the time it reached the table, several popular Indian spices and a few Indian cooking techniques had infiltrated it. My husband loved what I had done and a new direction had been set. However, I enjoy musical fusion as well…


I recently received a link from John Wubbenhorst to music that he thought I might enjoy since I love anything related to flutes and flute music. I was hooked when he titled the email “What if J. S Bach had gone to India?” and had to learn more.


His link described a piece called, “Facing Beloved” on his Facing East CD as east/west fusion music that integrated a bit of one of my all time favorite Bach sonatas played on a North Indian bansuri flute with traditional Indian rhythms performed by two South Indian percussionists. This music is a fusion on many levels, not just eastern drumming with a western melody but also North and South Indian musical styles and techniques. After listening to the song, I had to hear more. Check out his CDs.

John Wubbenhorst's CD facing east blends eastern and western music.

John Wubbenhorst’s CD facing east blends eastern and western music.


His compositions reached me not just because of the musical beauty but by the fusion aspects as well. In some pieces I heard lively jazz rhythms, reflective melodies and contemporary styles all on one CD. The music would be great background music as I write blog entries, create new fusion recipes or chill out with my family at the end of a long day.


Thank you, John, for your amazing musical fusions!


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