Nothing could be farther from the truth. Before unification, there were several princely states and regions with various languages and customs that were consolidated into states to form an independent country. These countries had had different influences over the centuries due to foreign visitors and traders, including: the Portuguese came to Goa; the French created the French East India Company along the east coast near Pondacherry, the Dutch set up a similar organization and influenced construction in Kochi and the Mughals left their vast impacts on many buildings in North India (Red Fort, Taj Mahal, etc.). These cultures brought different spices, ingredients and techniques to each state.


These states also had access to different ingredients due to their unique climates and locations. Kerala, situated on the coast with ready access to coconut, incorporates a lot of seafood and coconut in its cuisine.  North India uses more dairy products like cream and paneer (cheese) in the curries and enjoys foods cooked in the tandoori oven. In the South, one finds more rice-based dishes like dosa, idlis, appams that are served with protein rich sambar. 


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