I have spent the past year trying to loose the weight I gained when I was pregnant with my two kids who are now 23 and 19. It has been a challenge but I have been successful. Everyone in my family lost weight as well. I love to cook rich and tasty Indian food but it was not helping my weight. I had to take action. Here are the guidelines I now follow when cooking at home:


Smart picks:

      • practice portion control (I can have a taste of everything)
      • select recipes with curries made from vegetable like onions and tomatoes
      • serve several vegetarian dishes
      • serve only one meat dish or consider skipping meat occasionally
      • cook more dishes with fish and reduce the meat
      • use healthy oils like olive oil very sparingly
      • reduce the salt
      • eliminate or reduce cream
      • use low fat yogurt rather than cream
      • substitute tofu for paneer
      • use brown rice and whole grains
      • microwave pappads


Items I avoid:

      • deep fried samosas and bhajia
      • cream based dishes
      • dishes with paneer
      • rice dishes since they usually have oil or ghee in the preparation
      • oily, fried breads
      • meat (beef, lamb and pork)
      • fried pappads
      • alcohol and soda



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