Indian restaurants in the U.S. have given Indian food a bad reputation. Their recipes have been adapted to please the American palate for high levels of salt, sugar, oil and cream. I know it tastes delicious but unfortunately, all of the “bad” ingredients and poor portion control cause one’s waistline to expand. (I know this firsthand.) Athome Indians do not cook or eat food similar to what is served in restaurants.


Here are my guidelines that I follow when eating at Indian restaurants:


Smart picks:

      • tandoori chicken which is marinated in plain yogurt then baked and served without curry (sauce)
      • grilled dishes
      • vegetarian dishes with or without curries made from vegetables
      • whole grain breads


Items I avoid:

      • deep fried samosas and bhajia
      • cream based dishes like Malai Kofta, Chicken Tikka Masala
      • dishes with paneer (homemade cheese which is full of fat)
      • oily, fried breads like pooris and parathas
      • limit the amount of meat
      • avoid the buffet or ensure you make only one trip through the line
      • alcohol and soda (most Indians drink water with their meals)
      • rice and bread


Visit for Indian recipes and cooking tips.

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