While walking through the souks, my husband and I walked by a teashop that looked like it was right out of India. Hamad Khalfan Al Dalil’s restaurant was a small one that could only hold a half dozen customers. Out front were bowls full of snacks – samosas, vadas and bhajias – which I could not resist. We ordered two cups of masala chai (spiced tea). This was the best spiced tea we have ever tasted! It was difficult to carry my camera bag and balance the snacks and hot tea in my two hands but I managed. After the first cup, we ordered another round of tea and more snacks. After this treat, I was ready for more sights and shopping…


We stopped at Hamad Khalfan Al Dalil's shop for tea and snacks.

We stopped at Hamad Khalfan Al Dalil’s shop for tea and snacks.


The next day we flew to Goa. Next, I will share my experiences in this seaside paradise.


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