I picked a recipe this month that follows along with my trip to India, a Palghat Kofta Curry recipe. While visiting my husband’s cousin in Palghat, Chitra and her mother, Akka, treated us to a delicious luncheon. I noticed that Chitra was eyeing me, as I tasted her Kofta Curry. The kofta, or vegetable balls, were tender and full of flavor, and the curry in which they were served was rich and full of spice (not hot at all). I thought that the flavor of the curry was familiar but I couldn’t place it. Finally, Chitra told me that the kofta were made of cabbage instead of potato and the curry was the one from my Egg Curry recipe. I was impressed because I am trying to limit starches and increase vegetables in my diet. It was absolutely delicious!

We decided that the recipe should be called Palghat Kofta Curry in honor of the region in which Chitra lives.

The recipe is prepared in two parts: the kofta and the curry. First the vegetables are cooked and mashed, the spices ground, and the kofta are formed then fried. The curry is much easier to make by making a base of ground shallots and spices then adding onions, tomato and coconut milk to form the gravy.


Palghat Kofta Curry is a healthy vegetarian recipe from India.

Palghat Kofta Curry is a healthy vegetarian recipe from India.


This Indian recipe for Palghat Kofta Curry is exquisite and suitable for any dinner party at which you want to impress your guests.


Thank you, Chitra, for introducing me to this delightful recipe!


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