I have travelled to London often over the last 30 years and have, on most occasions, dined at Indian restaurants because they served comfort food that I knew would please everyone in my family. During my most recent trip, I had the opportunity to dine at two outstanding restaurants specializing in contemporary Indian cuisine that don’t serve Indian food like Amma makes. With a fresh, exciting and fun approach, these restaurants have catapulted Indian cuisine to the top of the chart.



Entrance to Quilon Restaurant in London.

Entrance to Quilon Restaurant in London.


My husband, son and I enjoyed a fantastic late lunch at Quilon during our most recent trip to London. Making selections from the set menu, we were able to enjoy several dishes plus desert as well as tasting each other’s selections. The contemporary atmosphere is fresh and new and the service is outstanding. Our waiter knew the menu in detail from top to bottom and was happy to share his recommendations with us. A delicious array of pickles, lemon, tamarind, and garlic were served with pappads. For starters we order the Cauliflower Chile Fry, The Coconut Cream Chicken and Pepper Shrimps; all were delicious.  A small cup of Tomato Rasam was served in a wine glass between courses. The Chicken Roast, Quilon Fish Curry and Manglorean Chicken were perfectly spiced and well prepared. The cuisine in this restaurant takes southwestern Indian food to a new level with its unique blend of spices, updated menu and attractive presentation. I can’t wait to try this restaurant again.


Delicious Indian cuisine from Quilon's menu in London.

Delicious Indian cuisine from Quilon’s menu in London.



Cinnamon Club

Entrance to The Cinnamon Club Restaurant in London.

Entrance to The Cinnamon Club Restaurant in London.


Without a doubt, this is the most amazing restaurant in London. With the chef’s fusion approach to cuisine, this food offers a celebration to the palate. If you want the same old Indian food, do not eat here. It is contemporary, fresh and exciting with presentation being as important as taste. The restaurant, located in an old library, is attractive and comfortable. The service is refined and polished and our waiter possessed a thorough knowledge of the menu and the chef’s vision of the food. I enjoyed this fantastic meal very much.

Delicious Indian entree from the menu at Cinnamon Club in London.

Delicious Indian entree from the menu at Cinnamon Club in London.


After our meal I met the Manager and Head Chef, Hari Nagaraj, who welcomed me to his restaurant. We briefly discussed the vision of Vivek Singh, Executive Chef and CEO, had when creating this heavenly restaurant. I was so excited by what they are already doing with Indian fusion cuisine that I knew I was on the right track.


If you have the opportunity to visit London, make it a point to visit both of these outstanding restaurants.


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