I have neglected Indian sweets because I have been on a diet over the past year. Sugar and butter have been off limits for me. Now that I have (almost) reached my goal, I have decided that one of the most basic, but popular, South Indian recipes should be highlighted.


My husband used to make this Kesari recipe often when we were first married. I think he really made it because he wanted it. This Indian recipe is one of the easiest to make, requiring only a few ingredients and not much time. It is very a very flexible recipe as well by including different nuts and fruit, changing the spices, and varying the texture of the final product for entirely different results.


The primary ingredient in my Kesari recipe is coarsely ground wheat that is called rava in Hindi and semolina from Italy. In the U.S. it is often called cream of wheat. It is cooked with butter, or ghee, and sugar to make it into a sweet ending to a meal. Recipes based on these ingredients are found in many different cultures from Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Since Kesari is easily served cold it is a great treat for parties or family events. I ate my share in my younger days and now make it for my children. They love sampling it when it is still hot in the pan! 

Hot Keseri made cream of wheat, butter and sugar is a delicious Indian dessert.

Hot Keseri made cream of wheat, butter and sugar is a delicious Indian dessert.


I hope Kesari becomes one of your favorite Indian dessert recipes. Yum!


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