Based on my previous post about the usefulness of banana leaves, I thought I would share a delicious Indian recipe for Spiced Halibut Steamed in Banana Leaf. The name in Malayalam, the language of Kerala, is Meen Pollichathu, or Steamed Fish. Creating my own blend of spices for this easy to make recipe, the marinade delicately flavors the fish while it steams in a beautifully wrapped banana leaf package. Since steaming fish takes just a few minutes, this is recipe can be easily prepared during the week. It will impress your guests as well. Serve it simply with steamed rice and a vegetable or two on the side. 


Spiced Halibut Steamed in Banana Leaf Indian recipe.

Spiced Halibut Steamed in Banana Leaf Indian recipe.


Next week, learn what you can do now so you have banana leaves ready throughout the winter.


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