While I’m on the subject of banana leaves, I thought I would share a traditional way to serve Indian food that is also a fun family craft.


Bowls made from banana leaves in the Indian style.

Bowls made from banana leaves in the Indian style.


  • Wipe a fresh banana leaf with a damp towel to remove any debris.
  • Cut out the center stem from the leaf leaving two long halves.
  • Blanch the leaf pieces in boiling water for 30 seconds. Dry and let cool.
  • Cut squares from each leaf half.
  • Place the square with the shiny side down so it ends up on the outside.
  • Fold each corner to the center to make a half-sized square.
  • Fold the top corner and bottom corner to the center of the square so the points of the new folds overlap the corners from the first folds.
  • Carefully lift the folded pieces and secure the new fold to the first fold flaps using either two toothpicks or a stapler. Traditionally they would be tied with strips of fibers from the stem of the leaf.
  • Lift the sides to open the bowl.
  • Fill with your favorite dish.


Banana leaf bowls are used to serve Indian food.

Banana leaf bowls are used to serve Indian food.



These cute bowls can also be used for presenting gifts or holding small treasures like jewelry or shells. They last for a long time and are recyclable!


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5 Thoughts on “How to Make Banana Leaf Bowls

  1. Very good job on this posting! I like how you will displayed your information as well as the technique anyone made it important along with clear to understand. Thank you a lot.

  2. Princy Pinto on December 2, 2018 at 5:37 am said:

    How long these cups last

    • These bowls only last for a few days. When I use them for food, I make them on the same day because I want the leaves to be firm in order to hold warm food. Thanks for asking!

      • Leon Dkhar Baruah on May 12, 2019 at 4:32 pm said:

        I wanted to know if these bowls can also hold liquid.
        And also, if I make a bowl like this today, can I Carry food in it a week later? (If I haven’t used the bowl for the whole week)

        • I have never tried putting liquids in these bowls. They are made of thin banana leaves and I suspect they would leak or tear under the weight of a liquid or the stress of carrying food in them. After a week the cells in the leaves lose their strength so the bowls should be thrown away by then.

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