Since the spice mix Panch Phoron is now my favorite ‘go to’ seasoning I am using it in everything! I ground the spice mix and tossed it with oil, salt, garlic and cubed red potatoes for a delicious side dish as well as tossing it over sautéed broccolini. It is so simple and delicious! It is a perfect introductory spice mix for people who are new to Indian food or those who do not like hot food.


My Steak Chettichurri recipe uses Panch Phoron as a dry rub to coat a flank steak that I marinate and grill. I selected the flank steak since it is a very affordable cut of meat and has a very rich flavor. It can be cooked at one time or cut in halves in order to fit your grill or stove. After it is cooked and has rested, slicing the meat against the grain makes it tender. The dish is finished off with my Chettichurri Sauce that is based on the Argentinean favorite parsley/cilantro by a similar name. The name of the sauce is a combination of Chettikulangara, a small town in Kerala, India and chimichurri to represent the fusion of two cuisines. The contrast between the spices and the tang of the sauce is delicious! This is a very easy dish to make and everyone will love it.

Grilled Skirt Steak with Chettichurri Sauce

Grilled Skirt Steak with Chettichurri Sauce


Get my recipe and try my Steak Chettichurri recipe tonight!

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