In my daily search to find interesting, tasty and easy recipes for vegetables, I learned that using a simple spice mixture livens up a basic potato and green bean dish. Since this Spiced Potato and Green Beans recipe can be prepared in one pan it can cook right along side your main dish. My family likes it because it isn’t spicy hot and features two of their favorite vegetables. I included a bit of red bell pepper to add color and variety.


First I prepare the seasoned oil with traditional Indian spices. To this I add the potato pieces and let them brown a bit in the oil followed by the green beans and red bell pepper. Once everything is cooked, I transfer it to a bowl and serve. Of course, I taste a few tasty morsels before the dish gets to the table.


Spiced Potato and Green Beans recipe

Spiced Potato and Green Beans is an Indian fusion recipe that is made in no time and is as tasty as it is colorful.


I plan on serving this Spiced Potato and Green Beans dish along side my turkey this Thanksgiving. It is so easy to make that this will become a family favorite recipe.


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