This month is turning out to be very busy. With my new cookbook almost ready to go to the publisher, travel and family life, I haven’t had much time to create new recipes. Since my husband is visiting family in India, I decided to make a Malabar Omelet for dinner.

A Malabar Omelet is incredibly easy to make and is full of flavor. The egg mixture is lightly seasoned with cumin, black pepper and salt. Into the egg I simply add chopped tomato, shallot, green chile and cilantro. As the vegetables cook, their flavors combine into a rich filling for the eggs.

Malabar Omelet

Malabar Omelet

This recipe can be served at any meal with a salad or rice for a light meal. It can be cut into pieces and served at dinner with other dishes on the side. It is a very flexible recipe for any night of the week.

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