You may have noticed over the past few months that I have not been posting new recipes with the same frequency as last year. This is because I have been working hard to finish writing my second cookbook. I used the extra time to focus on writing, reviewing and taste testing my selected recipes to make sure everything was just right before I finished the book. It was hard to organize all of the recipes to determine the approach so I arranged and rearranged the book several times before settling on an approach and outline. With the structure of the book, we, meaning my husband and I, had more work to do.

We decided on Indian fusion cuisine that brought together the special flavors and techniques of Indian and Western cooking into an exciting new cuisine. Traditional Western recipes fused with Indian spices and methods, and Indian recipes adopted Western techniques and ingredients. This new approach to cooking resulted in delicious, unique taste combinations.

When I started this cookbook project a few years ago, I wanted to pair wines with my recipes and had started documenting my favorite parings. We eventually nixed this since wine parings are vintage or year specific and seem to become outdated after a while. We had attended many whisky tasting events in the U.S. and the U.K., and observed that pairing whisky with food was becoming very popular and was a lot of fun. We attended whisky tasting dinners where the menus were created around the list of whiskies to be served. These were wonderfully enlightening events and a lot of fun.

Last summer I wrote a series of posts that discussed the whiskies of Scotland and India. I discussed the flavor profiles and paired several whiskies by region with some of my recipes. Since then my husband and I have had a lot of ‘work’ to do to pair all of the entrees that I was planning on including in my book with one or more whiskies. It as a challenge but we really enjoyed doing it.

Inspired, my new Indian inspired fusion cookboo

Inspired, my new Indian inspired fusion cookboo

With the help of my creative daughter and her degree in advertising, we finally named the book Indspired to incorporate the fusion of Indian and Western cuisines with their liquid gold pairings, into a new world of globally inspired food.

I submitted the manuscript to the publisher a while ago and it is just about finished! Indspired should be released some time this summer. Check back often for updates!

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