Everyone loves a robust pasta dinner that is loaded with flavor and a variety of textures and colors. Nothing is better for a family dinner than my homemade Chicken Ravioli  with Spicy Béchamel Sauce recipe. Making the pasta is easy to do but it does take some time to form the dough, roll it out, cut, fill and seal each individual dumpling. It is a fun project that the whole family can enjoy. My daughter helped me make the raviolis and we were finished in no time at all.

Chicken Ravioli Red Bechamel Sauce

Chicken Ravioli Red Bechamel Sauce

In this recipe I fill my ravioli with a tasty blend of freshly ground chicken, vegetables and spices. The ravioli are boiled and topped with a delicious spicy tomato Béchamel sauce. I selected this sauce to complement the flavor of the pasta and chicken. Since the filling is subtly flavored by the vegetables and spices, I wanted to pair it with a delicate sauce that would not overpower it but enhance it.

My Béchamel sauce is made with a roux, a mixture of flour and butter, into which hot milk is slowly whisked to create a thick and creamy sauce. The recipe for this sauce originated in Tuscany about 400 years ago and traveled to France where it became one of the five fundamental sauces in French cuisine. It is the mother sauce of many different sauces including the popular Mornay sauce into which Gruyère cheese has been melted. Another variation is Soubise sauce that is enhanced with sautéed onions. Soubise sauce became the inspiration for my Spiced Béchamel sauce. I add tomato paste for its vibrant color and flavor as well as an array of Indian spices for a rich, round flavor.

Combining the chicken ravioli with this spiced sauce creates a delightful meal with an entirely new and unique set of flavors. Try this recipe for special meal or with your family for a fun afternoon. Enjoy!

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