Roasted potatoes are always a welcome addition to my dinner table. My kids are thrilled when I put them on the table. Adding a spice mixture for East India, called Panch Phoron, adds a lot of flavor that complements the taste of the potatoes in my Panch Phoron Roasted Potatoes recipe.

Panch Poron, a blend of 5 different spices in roughly equal amounts: cumin, mustard, nigella, fennel, and fenugreek, is used to season meats, breads and vegetables. It gives a mild, earthy flavor with a fruity, bitter, grassy essence to food. They are mixed as whole seeds and not usually ground. that are mixed together and used in seed form rather than being ground. I roast my mixture just before before I use it to bring out the flavors of the spices. Check out my post from August of last year What is Panch Phoron? to learn more and get my recipe for this versatileĀ spice mixture.

Panch Phoron Roasted Potatoes

Panch Phoron Roasted Potatoes

In this easy to make recipe, I prepareĀ a marinade with freshly ground panch phoron, salt and olive oil. I use multicolored baby potatoes because they cook quickly and look appealing on the plate. After roasting them in a hot oven for a short period of time, they are ready to serve.

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