While trying to use all of my fresh sweet corn that my friends in Iowa sent to me, I was inspired to incorporate it into biryani, a traditional Indian rice dish that is enhanced with the essence of several spices, layered with vegetables and cooked in a closed pot to bring the flavors together. I envisioned this recipe to have kernels of corn mixed in the vegetables and spices as they placed between layers of spiced rice, and then topped with small pieces of corn on the cob to complement the primary ingredient in this recipe, corn.

The main crops in Iowa are corn and soybeans. In keeping with the Iowa fresh from the farm theme, I decided to add a few soybeans to the biryani vegetables. They are full of protein and bring a firm texture to the dish as well as the vibrant green color! Perhaps I should call this recipe Iowa Biryani… This recipe is dedicated to my friends and partners in Manning, Iowa who inspired this recipe.

Sweet Corn Biryani

Sweet Corn Biryani ready to serve

The first step in preparing Sweet Corn Biryani is to cook the rice with a few whole spices so it becomes fragrant with the aroma. While the rice cooks, an array of fresh vegetables, including onion, carrots, cauliflower, corn, garlic and ginger are cooked until tender.

Instead of mixing the vegetables and rice together, they are layered in true Indian style in a large dish to form the biryani. Between the layers, warm milk that has been infused with the flavor and color of saffron is drizzled so it is evenly dispersed throughout the biryani.

After the assembly is complete, the lid if placed on the pot and the Sweet Corn Biryani is steamed for a few minutes to allow the flavors to blend and the ingredients to cook fully.

Sweet Corn Biryani

Sweet Corn Biryani

To serve Sweet Corn Biryani, place a generous scoop of it on each plate, along with a piece of corn, and serve with plain yogurt on the side. It can also be served with Onion Raita.

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