A perfect recipe for cooking on a chilly day when the family is at home and you have time to spend the time to roast a whole chicken with vegetables to serve for dinner. Everything is roasted together to save time and cleanup.

In this recipe I make Fenugreek Pesto, obviously with fresh fenugreek leaves that I picked up at my local Indian grocery store. Whole spices and raw cashews are roasted in a hot pan to bring out their flavor. These are combined in a food processor with the fenugreek and a bit of fresh spinach, garlic and olive oil and ground to a paste. This is so easy to do.

Fenugreek Pesto Chicken with Vegetables

Roasted chicken and vegetables coated in pesto made with fenugreek and Indian spices makes a delicious savory dinner fit for any occasion.

I use this Fenugreek Pesto recipe only when I will be cooking it. In my opinion, the raw flavor of this pesto is too strong to eat as is. I will provide another version of Fenugreek Pesto in which I cook the fenugreek leaves before grinding them into pesto.

Once the pesto is made, I slather both the chicken, inside and out, and the vegetables with it.  The chicken and vegetables are then placed in  a roasting pan. The pan is then placed in a preheated oven and roasted until the vegetables are tender and the chicken is done.

Arrange the Fenugreek Pesto Roasted Chicken and Vegetables on a serving platter. The chicken can be cut into pieces or sliced before serving it so that people can take their own pieces.

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