During the last days of summer, I am finding that I don’t want to prepare a lot of complicated recipes that heat up my kitchen. My family and I want to eat something quick and easy but no one wants to compromise on flavor.

Spicy Shrimp Salad

This delicious shrimp salad recipe is served in a richly spiced dressing. Perfect as a salad or on a naan as a sandwich.

This Spiced Shrimp Salad Recipe uses cooked small or medium-sized shrimp that can easily be eaten in one bite. I mix them in a large bowl with all of the spices, a bit of mayonnaise and some lime juice for the dressing.

This shrimp salad can be served as a sandwich on fresh naans that have been cut in half with a crisp lettuce leaf. It can also be served on top of a plate of fresh lettuce and garnished with lemon wedges.


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