While preparing dinner the other day, I wanted to include a simple rice dish that was light and was not bursting with intense flavor. Instead of making plain rice, either boiled or sautéed in butter, I just wanted to add the refreshing flavor and vibrant color of fresh herbs.

I simply boiled the rice with a few dry spices. When it was tender I mixed in the herbs. I selected some of my favorites: dill, parsley, cilantro and chives. Sliced fresh green onions provide flavor as well. To garnish Rice with Fresh Herbs, I topped it with a few gold toasted cashews to complement the white and green.

Rice with Fresh Herbs

Rice with Fresh Herbs is an easy recipe with the fresh flavor of parsley, cilantro, chive, green onion and spices to create a simple side dish to accompany any meal.

Add Rice with Fresh Herbs to your repertoire for a quick side dish. It pairs well with any entrée and all side dishes.

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