Who does not like mashed potatoes? They are a favorite item at my house because their creamy, smooth texture is so satisfying. My family, specifically, my son, thinks they should be served every day at dinner. Unfortunately for him, I like to serve different vegetables every day to keep us healthy and our dinners from becoming routine. My husband, on the other hand, considers a Malayali dish called Potato and Tomato Vindaloo to be comfort food. I think he could eat this creamy potato dish every day.

Mashed Potato Vindaloo

Mashed Potatoes Vindaloo a fusion of western comfort food and Indian spices to create a delicious vegetarian dish that is full of flavor.

To compromise between traditional American mashed potatoes and the south Indian version, I am bringing them together into one dish that both of them like, called Mashed Potatoes Vindaloo.

Both recipes start out the same by boiling peeled potatoes and mashing them. After that, the recipes diverge.

The “goodies” as I call them are made by seasoning oil with cumin and chiles and then cooking the vegetables in it. Since this is my recipe and I love eating as many vegetables as possible, I add liberal amounts of onion, garlic and tomato to the pan. When they are tender, I add more spices and some water. As the tomato breaks down, a creamy broth is made.

When mashing the potatoes, I do not try to make them smooth. I like to leave some chunks to give the final dish some texture. Simply add the potatoes to the “goodies” and mix well. The potatoes will absorb the color and flavor of the broth. Let this cook for a minute so the flavors have a chance to combine before serving.

Mashed Potatoes Vindaloo is a tasty side dish that can be served with any entrée. It is delicious the next day wrapped in a hot chapati like a burrito. My husband even takes them to work for lunch.

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