Everyone loves to eat burritos! Every restaurant seems to have one on its menu. Originating in Mexico as a tortilla filled with beans and wrapped for a meal on the go, they are now a staple food in Texas and have become an international hit. My son eats them at his favorite Tex-Mex restaurant at least once every week. He fills his burrito with seasoned steak, brown rice, black beans and hot sauce. I like chicken with a lot of veggies in mine. Many people add cheese, lettuce and guacamole as well.

Spicy Chori Burritos

Fusing Tex-Mex recipes with Indian ingredients and spices produce great food. Spicy Chori Burritos are delicious and fun to make!

When planning this recipe, I wanted to bring the ingredients and spices of India to a Tex-Mex favorite. I wanted this to be a vegetarian recipe as are so many of the best Indian recipes. I decided to use the same small red beans, called adzuki or chori, that are featured in my lentil recipe called Chokapu Payar (red beans in Malayalam) that I included in my first cookbook, Kachi’s Kitchen. These beans are about a quarter of the size of their larger cousins that are found on most salad bars but have a firmer texture than the larger ones. Their small size makes them perfect for burritos. They are my favorite beans for cooking and eating.

Chori beans are usually soaked overnight to shorten the cooking time. After they boil for about an hour, they are added to a fried onion, garlic, chile and tomato mixture that has been seasoned with a special blend of Indian spices.

To make the Spicy Chori Burritos, I fill fresh flour tortillas with a generous helping of the spiced chori beans, cumin spiced brown basmati rice and two types of homemade salsa. I garnish the burritos with cheese, lettuce and a dollop of yogurt before they are folded and wrapped to look like the “little burro” for which they are named.

I have made these burritos often for my son and husband who loved them. My next adventure in burritos will be a chicken version to appease my daughter. That one will be a lot of fun!

The filling for the Spicy Chori Burritos can be made in advance and reheated just before assembling the burritos. The beans can be purchased at any Indian grocery store.

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