Continuing my series of Indian themed burgers, I chose to move south from Bombay to Goa. It is one of the most beautiful states in India. With the lush green trees, beautiful sandy beaches and charming historic buildings, it is a place I long to return to again.

Goa Balchao Sliders

The essence of Goan cuisine (sweet, sour and spice) defines these tasty Balchao Sliders. They are topped with sweet grilled onions and tangy mango chutney.

I have designed my Balchao Sliders to incorporate the three key components of Goan cuisine in mind: sweet, sour and spice. Balchao is a special Goan blend of hot red chiles, sweet caramelized onions, sautéed tomatoes and flavorful spices. It usually has a bit of vinegar or another sour ingredient when made as a sauce. Since I use my Balchao mixture as the filling for my burgers, I did not want that flavor to conflict with the burgers. I left the sour and sweet tastes for the toppings.

Once the Balchao mixture is cooked, it is ground until smooth and added to the beef. I form small bite-sized burgers, or sliders, for fun; they can also be made full-size.

The sliders are topped with spiced grilled onions which add a bit of sweetness when they are caramelized. They are lightly spiced with cumin, chile powder and salt.

The key ingredient is my sweet and sour Mango Chutney. I add vinegar to the recipe to increase the flavor profile of this Goan recipe. I use Mango Chutney as the topping for the sliders. It served as a condiment along with Indian meals that contain meat. I like to use it as a spread on sandwiches or simply served on a cracker with cheese.

To serve the Balchao Sliders, place each patty on a small sourdough slider bun, top with a spoonful of grilled onions and a dollop of Mango Chutney. Each ingredient of these sliders contributes a piece of the secret to Goan cuisine.

These Balchao Sliders are delicious and will be a hit at your next barbecue!

Next week, I will travel to southeast India for Madras Burgers.

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