I make crab cutlets at home all the time because they are so delicious and easy to make. My family loves crab so I keep a jar of lump crab in my refrigerator at all times. It is a perfect standby meal since it keeps for many months.

This week I made crab cutlets that are infused with Indian spices to make a change from my usual Maryland style recipe. I temper a blend of Indian spices in hot oil along with minced shallots, garlic and green chile. This brings out their flavor and eliminates the raw spice flavor from the cutlets.

Crab Cutlets

Crab Cutlets are easy to make and can be served any meal. My recipe incorporates tempered Indian spices into this recipe. Serve with Sweet Chile Aioli.

The crab is mixed together with the tempered shallot-spice mix, egg, bread crumbs, cilantro and lime juice. After dividing the mixture into portions, I form the individual cutlets. They are browned on both sides in a hot skillet before being served.

I form my crab cutlets to serve 6 people. You can make them larger or smaller according to your preferences. They can be made into bite-sized cutlets that would be perfect for serving as an appetizer or at a party. Including crab on a party menu makes guests feel that they are important and this event is special.

Since crab cakes or cutlets are always served with a dipping sauce, I thought I would combine sweet and heat in this sauce. To make Sweet Chile Aioli, I use local honey that blends smoothly with the mayonnaise and mix in a generous amount of red Madras chile powder. I don’t use so much that your mouth is inflamed, but just enough that you notice a bit of heat with the sweet. The red color of the aioli complements the light color of the cutlets.

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