I love to eat quinoa because it is such a healthy grain and it tastes great. In this featured recipe, I decided to make Quick Quinoa, which has just a few spices, a bit of garlic and a chopped carrot for color, so I would have a healthy side dish that can be put together quickly using ingredients I already had on hand.

Quick Quinoa

Quick Quinoa is a delicious and easy recipe that is high levels of protein, fiber and other nutrients. Perfect for vegetarian and gluten free menus.

The recipe for Quick Quinoa is really super simple: boil the quinoa until the little tails appear and it is tender (about 15 minutes), cook the garlic and carrots in spiced oil, mix it all together, and serve. I garnish the top with sliced green onions for their bright color and complementary texture.

Quinoa is a wonder food compared to most grains. It has more than double the amount of fiber of other grains and has an impressive amount of protein. A gluten-free grain, it is loaded with nutrients like iron, antioxidants, manganese and magnesium.

Enough about the wonder grain. Let’s talk about how to serve it. I think it can be served with almost any entrée. I like it with chicken, pork, beef, vegetarian and seafood. If served with seafood, I recommend reducing the cumin, coriander and chile powder in half so it does not dominate the delicate flavor of the seafood.

A half cup of Quick Quinoa tastes just as good the next day served on a bed of fresh dark greens and lightly dressed with extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Enjoy!

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