Since my recipe for chermoula makes enough for two batches, I decided to make Chermoula Chicken Kababs this week. In my previous post, I used the Indian spiced chermoula as a sauce over plain Chilean sea bass.

Chermoula, originally from countries along the northern coast of Africa, is a very versatile and delicious recipe. It can be used as a marinade, as a sauce and as a condiment on the side of an entrée. It is made with parsley, cilantro and garlic. In my recipe, I add the flavors of India including turmeric, paprika and fresh green chile, and roasted saffron, cumin seeds and coriander seeds. Chermoula has a consistency like pesto after it is puréed in a food processor along with olive oil and lime juice.

This week I am using it as a marinade for chicken. This is the simplest recipe I have posted to date. I add a pound of chicken that has been cut into small cubes and marinate them in the chermoula sauce. After letting it marinate overnight I thread the chicken on skewers and grill them.

To add more flavor, I provide a Yogurt Dipping Sauce for the kababs. It is based on Indian raita with tomatoes, cucumber and onion, but puréed with yogurt.

Check out my recipe for Chilean Sea Bass With Chermoula.

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