The recipe for Mushroom Curry is a delicious meatless alternative for a weeknight dinner and easy to make. I like to feature mushrooms in my recipes for their hardy texture and mild flavor. They be served with anything on the side.

Mushroom Curry

Mushroom Curry is a delicious meatless and easy to make dish inspired by a Kerala recipe.

This recipe is roughly inspired by a similar recipe from Kerala that I have modified. I have simplified the steps to make it quicker to make as well as added carrots for their orange color. Since the recipe originated in Kerala, it features ground coconut in the sauce.

To make my Mushroom Curry, I fry an onion, a carrot, garlic, ginger and green chile in olive oil that is seasoned with cumin seeds and a special mixture of spices which are added in two groups. The first spices added are cloves, cinnamon and turmeric. The second group is coriander, cumin, garam masala and red chile powder. When the onion begins to brown, I add a pound of quartered cremini mushrooms to cook in the spices.

To make the sauce, or curry, ground coconut, tomato paste, curry leaves and water are added to the pot to blend with the flavors of the mushrooms and spices. The sauce cooks just until the mushrooms are tender.

The last step in this recipe is a common last step in many Kerala recipes. It is preparing the tempering spices. In this recipe, a teaspoon of mustard seeds are tempered in a teaspoon of hot oil until they pop. This is poured over the Mushroom Curry just before it is served.

Mushroom Curry is best served with plain rice or pulav and any side dishes you wish. My husband prefers to eat it with fresh chapatis.

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