I love to eat quinoa because it is such a healthy grain and it tastes great. In this featured recipe, I decided to make Quick Quinoa, which has just a few spices, a bit of garlic and a chopped carrot for color, so I would have a healthy side dish that can be put together quickly using ingredients I already had on hand.

Quick Quinoa

Quick Quinoa is a delicious and easy recipe that is high levels of protein, fiber and other nutrients. Perfect for vegetarian and gluten free menus.

The recipe for Quick Quinoa is really super simple: boil the quinoa until the little tails appear and it is tender (about 15 minutes), cook the garlic and carrots in spiced oil, mix it all together, and serve. I garnish the top with sliced green onions for their bright color and complementary texture.

Quinoa is a wonder food compared to most grains. It has more than double the amount of fiber of other grains and has an impressive amount of protein. A gluten-free grain, it is loaded with nutrients like iron, antioxidants, manganese and magnesium.

Enough about the wonder grain. Let’s talk about how to serve it. I think it can be served with almost any entrée. I like it with chicken, pork, beef, vegetarian and seafood. If served with seafood, I recommend reducing the cumin, coriander and chile powder in half so it does not dominate the delicate flavor of the seafood.

A half cup of Quick Quinoa tastes just as good the next day served on a bed of fresh dark greens and lightly dressed with extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Enjoy!

In this recipe, I wanted to combine two of my favorite ingredients to create a healthy vegetarian recipe for Zucchini Farro Pulav. I wanted to incorporate the health benefits of farro, a grain that has been around since the times of the Fertile Crescent, Indian spices and summer vegetables.

Zucchini Farro Pulav

Zucchini Farro Pulav substitutes rice with healthy farro. This vegetarian recipe is loaded with goodness and flavor. It is easy to make.

Farro is loaded with protein and fiber as well as other vitamins and minerals. It has a delicately chewy texture when cooked so you will feel satisfied after eating it. It is a very forgiving grain in that it can be cooked ahead and then used in a recipe the following day. I have even reheated it and eaten it for breakfast with a bit of milk and honey on top. Delicious!

Farro is much easier to cook than rice which must be boiled just the right number of minutes or it is overcooked. Farro has a wide window of cooking time without turning mushy. I use pearled or semi-pearled farro because it is easy to cook and doesn’t require an overnight soak.

Zucchini Farro Pulav is a very easy recipe to make. It uses vegetables that are already in your refrigerator: zucchini, onions, carrots, garlic and ginger. The spices are a traditional mix of cumin, garam masala, red chiles, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and a single bay leaf.

To prepare the Zucchini Farro Pulav, the sliced onion and carrot matchsticks are cooked in seasoned oil. The zucchini is added at the end because it cooks so quickly. Once the vegetables are ready the cooked farro is added to the pot and mixed in with the vegetables and spices until evenly coated. This really is an easy recipe.

Zucchini Farro Pulav can be served hot as a side dish accompanying any meal. It is great with chicken and meat. It can be served as a main dish with other vegetables on the side. In addition, Zucchini Farro Pulav can be served cold as a salad or on top of a bed of fresh greens.