I asked my husband last week what I should pick for this month’s special recipe. He immediately suggested I use Bindi’s Mint Chicken recipe.  I’m not sure why it popped into his mind since I had never made it before but I am really glad that he did. I think you will like it very much.


Mint Chicken

Mint Chicken with Rice

The first time I tasted the Mint Chicken recipe was during a dinner at my sister-in-law’s house about 20 years ago. It had the most delicious blend of spices and herbs that I had tasted in a long time.  Chicken and mint are definitely intended to be cooked together. It is not a hot dish in the least. The first time I tested the recipe, I knew that without some Indian chili powder, it was needed. If you don’t like any heat at all in your food, this is a good recipe (without the chili) for you.

This is an ideal recipe for a busy weeknight dinner. Preparing the marinade requires just a few ingredients and 15 minutes of time. After you come home from work the next day, just grill the chicken and fry the onions. Dinner will be ready in no time. It is also good for a summer dinner with friends when the chicken can be grilled outside. Serve it with a salad and some grilled vegetables. Your guests will be impressed.


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