A few weeks ago I accompanied my husband to Houston for a short trip. While walking around downtown for my morning exercise, I happened to discover a tiny taco shop near the court buildings. I was amazed at the long line of diverse people, some in suits with briefcases and others in jeans and work boots, standing patiently in a long line to purchase their breakfast tacos. I would have joined the queue but I had not brought any cash with me and walking up in exercise clothes somehow gave me the feeling that I would defeat the purpose of my morning walk.

After I returned home, my kids told me they ate breakfast tacos all the time. This was news to me! So I took my grown kids to the local taco shop and purchased a variety of the breakfast treats. They were delicious. I was hooked and indspired to create an Indian taco recipe.

Indian Breakfast Tacos

Indian Breakfast Tacos are delicious chapatis filled with spiced eggs, chickpea and potato masala topped with roasted tomato chutney, yogurt, cheese and cilantro.

My Breakfast Tacos recipe is rich in flavor. Served on a fresh hot chapati loaded with fluffy scrambled eggs and chickpea and potato masala. it is topped with homemade roasted tomato chutney, fresh yogurt, grated cheese and cilantro.

I make the scrambled eggs simply by adding a little cumin and red chile powder to the eggs. Not so much as to add heat, just enough to add flavor. As the eggs cook I add chopped red bell pepper and green onions for color.

The recipe for the chickpea and potato masala is a simplified version that I make for my Chickpea Masala. I added diced red potatoes because all authentic Tex-Mex breakfast tacos include them. The recipe starts by cooking the seasonings: onion, garlic, ginger and spices. Once the onion browns and the flavor is rich and sweet, I add the potatoes so they can cook through before adding the chickpeas. This is so easy and tasty it can be served by itself as a side dish.

To make the roasted tomato chutney, I prepare the seasonings, then add them to the tomatoes. All of this is blended until smooth. I roast the chutney on the stovetop to cut out the raw taste of the ingredients and to bring out the rich flavor of the tomatoes.

I like to set out each component of my Breakfast Tacos in separate bowls and let everyone customize their taco. I noticed that my kids made very simple tacos but my husband and his mother loaded them with roasted tomato chutney! They made our brunch turn into a fun meal, a lot of eating, talking and laughing.

Indian Breakfast Taco buffet

Indian Breakfast Tacos set out buffet-style.

Use fresh chapatis when serving my Breakfast Tacos for authentic flavor. If they are not available, feel free to substitute whole wheat tortillas.

This month is turning out to be very busy. With my new cookbook almost ready to go to the publisher, travel and family life, I haven’t had much time to create new recipes. Since my husband is visiting family in India, I decided to make a Malabar Omelet for dinner.

A Malabar Omelet is incredibly easy to make and is full of flavor. The egg mixture is lightly seasoned with cumin, black pepper and salt. Into the egg I simply add chopped tomato, shallot, green chile and cilantro. As the vegetables cook, their flavors combine into a rich filling for the eggs.

Malabar Omelet

Malabar Omelet

This recipe can be served at any meal with a salad or rice for a light meal. It can be cut into pieces and served at dinner with other dishes on the side. It is a very flexible recipe for any night of the week.

With the weather being so severe and cold over the past few weeks I wanted to make a recipe that would warm you from the inside out, not with spicy heat but with rich, deep flavor. One thing I have learned about my husband is that he has a secret list of comfort foods that keep drawing him back to the flavors of his youth. Egg curry is one of those foods. I prepared this dish for him last night after he came home following a long, cold, rainy, sleety, snowy drive from the office. After a few bites, he was happy and toasty.

Fenugreek Egg Curry

Fenugreek Egg Curry

This version of egg curry features fenugreek seeds and fenugreek leaves whose vibrant aroma and flavors enhance the dish. Both fenugreek leaves and seeds have a slightly bitter and nutty flavor that balances the spices and complement the flavor of the hard-boiled eggs. These ingredients replace anise, which is most commonly used. The curry is made from ground shallots, coconut and spices that are mixed with tomato paste, almond paste and coconut milk to give it a rich and creamy texture. It is finished by placing hard-boiled eggs and a bit of chopped cilantro on the top. Serve Fenugreek Egg Curry with hot fresh chapatis or plain rice.

This curry is so delicious that it should be used with chicken. Maybe that will be my project for next week!